Serving Individuals, Families, and Businesses, alike

We're in the early stages of a retirement crisis in this country.  The #1 concern of people approaching, or at retirement age is running out of money.  The major reasons for this dilemma are people who have been “following the crowd” and, of course, procrastination.  However, between now and then, we are all faced with numerous financial decisions. 


Would it be of value to understand how to get the most out of your money?


My mission is to teach people how money works, and how to get the most cost-efficient use of their money.  As an independent, Tax Deferral Consultant & full-service financial advisor, I help people and businesses with their financial planning, risk management, and decision processes. 


Client objectives are often topics such as: Capital Gains tax relief, retirement planning, security for their loved ones, education funding, traveling, philanthropy, and chronic care concerns to name a few.  Business owners have additional concerns.


A well thought out plan can help with finding the most efficient ways to make major purchases, e.g., buying a car or a house, funding an education, supporting your lifestyle once you have stopped working for a living, and on and on.


For those who own highly appreciated assets and are looking to sell those assets, we have 13 strategies to help clients sell with the goal of reducing, deferring, or avoiding large Capital Gains Taxes, legally.


So, do you have a current, written, financial plan in place? 


  • Does it have a strategy to address your goals? 
  • Does it address rising health care costs, and the real potential of higher taxes in the future?
  • Does it position you towards Zero Taxes in Retirement?


If you answered “no” or “I don't know” to any of those questions, or if you would like a 2nd opinion of your current plan, perhaps we should have a conversation sometime soon.


NOTE: Due to my securities licensing, I cannot have testimonials on my materials.


Please use my Web site as a resource. Do not hesitate to contact me for additional information, or schedule a meeting. Thank you for your interest.