Tax Deferral Consultant

As a Tax Deferral Consultant, my mission is to connect owners of highly appreciated assets with subject-matter experts, in order to legally reduce, defer, or avoid capital gains taxes on those hard asset sales, such as personal property, investment property, or businesses.  


When an owner of a highly appreciated asset seeks answers, they will find that the financial services industry is very fragmented.  The truth is, one reason why the wealthy pay less in taxes is that they have a team that works with them.  Their team typically consists of:


  • Tax & Trust Attorneys
  • CPA
  • Financial Advisor
  • Real Estate Agent
  • 1031 Exchange Accommodator.


When it comes to selling a highly appreciated asset, consultations with all of these professionals should take place.  However, if you don’t have these people on your team, the ability to obtain the appropriate answers from all these different experts, who don’t work together, can be difficult and time consuming.


Our firm can be your resource.  We have all of the above professionals on our team.  We work cohesively with all parties to help the asset owner make a decision that is best for them.  


With 14 different strategies, we help owners of highly appreciated assets save tax dollars, as well as, help Realtors and other Real Estate professionals get more listings.


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