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What is Kai-Zen?

Kai-Zen is a strategy that helps you maintain your current lifestyle in the event of a chronic illness, premature death, or an inability to sufficiently save for retirement.  Protecting your earnings is critical to insuring your ability to save for retirement. Due to limitations, traditional retirement plans are typically insufficient for high-income earners. If you want to maintain your lifestyle in retirement, you need a proactive strategy that puts more money toward protecting your future income without putting a drain on your current finances.

Kai-Zen is the ONLY strategy that uses leverage to help you acquire more of the benefits you need to financially protect you and your family. Its unique fusion of financing and life insurance offers you more protections and the potential to earn more for retirement than you could obtain without leverage.

How it Works

The Kai-Zen strategy is simple. Premiums are jointly funded by bank financing and the participant or employer. The bank financing provides the majority of the total contribution to the plan, and the life insurance policy itself is the full security for the loan.  This strategy is specifically designed so that the participant is not required to go through financial underwriting or sign any loan documents.  As an additional protection, Kai-Zen’s structure is also set up to protect your benefits in the event of employer bankruptcy.

By using bank financing, the Kai-Zen strategy allows you to realize benefits beyond your expectations while keeping contributions within your means.

The most unique and compelling aspect of the Kai-Zen strategy is that the participant’s contributions are leveraged 3:1.

This concept is not much different than financing a house – you use a mortgage to leverage the assets you have on hand to buy more house than you could afford on your own.  Money is borrowed to buy more house, or with Kai-Zen, more benefits.  With Kai-Zen, you are buying a life insurance policy with a larger death benefit, more living benefit protections, and the potential for more cash accumulation without the risk of losses (due to declines in a market index).

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What is Tri-Zen?

Tri-Zen is a pre-tax benefit strategy supplemented 3x by financing where the strategy is sole security for the loan. It is suitable for C Corporations and not-for-profit organizations. Consequently, it allows employers to offer the ideal benefits for their key personnel and highly compensated employees without increasing costs.

The optimal benefit strategy would incorporate the following features:

  • Pre-Tax Contributions
  • Tax-Deferred Growth
  • The Ability to Access Cash Value Tax-Free
  • 3X the Leverage

Accordingly, Tri-Zen is an incentive strategy that offers all these benefits in one of the most tax-advantaged manners available today. It is suitable for C-Corporations and not-for-profit organizations. Traditional benefits are a huge expense to most employers, and Tri-Zen allows employers to offer the ideal benefit plan to their key personnel without increasing costs. In fact, with Tri-Zen all the funds spent are an asset to the company. With most of the money required to finance the strategy coming from a lender, Tri-Zen brings substantial new money to the table with 3:1 leverage.  As a result, this affords more benefits at a lower cost.

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